The ultimate sustainable growing medium that eventually degrades to go back into the environment thus creating the complete cycle of life.

Terra Vitalia ensures the highest selection, processing and packaging standards to complement all your growing needs.

Our soil substrates are fully certified which means they are insect, seed, weed and disease free and processed to strict RHP Standards. Each batch is calcium and magnesium “buffered”and certified with a quality analysis report ensuring continued consistency.

Even our soil amendment products meet the highest physical and chemical standards as well as phytosanitary requirements are under constant watch to ensure our customers successful and consistent growth each time.

We understand the importance and whatever the requirement, we can match the correct growing medium for every type of environment. All our products are well researched, tested and attractively packaged.

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    Crushed Coco

    This is third generation COCO in our signature blend - a full and natural mix of coco pith, fibre and husk crushed into the desired particle size. It has the ideal structure and porosity already built in. Does not require further amendment or adjustment in terms of additional material such as perlite, chips, coir etc. No more expenses or guesswork for the grower.


    Coco Peat

    As a growing medium coco peat is extremely versatile because it caters to almost any grower’s requirement. In terms of quality it can be processed for soil reconditioning purposes with low EC, washed and buffered or Premium RHP. Particle size can be varied from Fine (0-6mm) for raising seedlings, Regular (0-12mm) for normal growing


    Coco Perlite

    Our all-time favourite, premium blended and market best seller coco perlite mixes provide aeration and drainage advantages as well as provides for a more aggressive feeding schedule. From modern gardener to professional grower this is the regular choice across the board. It is a ready-to-use growing medium which only requires to be matched


    Premium Coco Chips

    Processed to certified RHP quality, premium coco chips cater to serious growers for creating specific mixes. Our premium coco chips are pre-buffered with very low EC and pH stabilized under the highest psytosanitary standards.


    Coco Peat Grow Blocks


    Irrigate by drip or sprinkler method for uniform expansion and absorbsion of nutrients.

    Planter Bags

    Providing the container and growing media as one product our Planter Bags offer convenience and cost benefits. Compressed coco substrate blocks packed in top-open and perforated planter bags makes this an excellent ready-to-use option. Available in various sizes


    Coir Pots

    Eco-friendly and Biodegradable Coir Pots

    Custom shapes and sizes available.
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    Quick Grow Inserts

    Quick Grow Inserts are coco peat substrates packed in paper pots and used for plant propagation purposes. These can be inserted in individual cavity plastic trays. Available in four sizes of 15mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm. Quick Grow Inserts are quickly gaining prominence.