Safety Sheet


Product Name : Coco Substrates
  Coco Peat
  Coco Coir
  Coco Chips
  Crushed Coco
  Coco Perlite
  Coco Bale
  Coco Grow Inserts
  Coco Blocks
  Coco Bags
Uses Horticulture and hydroponic cultivation
U.N Number None
Dangerous Goods Class Non-Hazardous
Secondary Risk None
Hazchem Group Non-Hazardous
Poisons Schedule No None


Physical Description/Properties

Appearance Natural, Organic and partly Cellulose material
Ingredients Coco Husk, Coco Pith, Coco Coir, Perlite
Odor Odorless
pH 5.5 to 7.0
Solubility Not Soluble
Specific Gravity Varies
Flammability Not flammable
Lower Explosion Limit Not Applicable
Upper Explosion Limit Not Applicable
Melting Point Not Applicable
Boiling Point Not Applicable
Vapour Pressure Not Applicable
Evaporation Rate Not Applicable


Health Hazard Information

Health Effects and Emergency Procedures

Ingestion Unlikely under normal conditions. Drink water. Seek medical advice in case of abdominal symptoms.
Inhalation Slight irritation if large quantities are inhaled. Move to fresh air area.
Eye Contact May cause irritation or/and redness of eyes. Wash eyes.
Skin Contact No effect
Toxicity Data Not available
Advice to doctors Treat Symptomatically


Safety Precautions

Eye Appropriate Safety goggles required in case of dust
Skin Protective clothing Not necessary
Respiratory Avoid breathing dust or wear approved respirator
Flammability Non-Flammable


Handling and Storage

Spills Keep out of sewer and storm water drains.
Disposal Dispose of in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations
Storage Store in cool dry area
Fire/Explosion No danger of fire or explosion



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